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Chapter 184 Are We Not Your Family?

  • Meanwhile, instead of being angry, Jasper was speaking in a calm tone. "Are you too dumb to understand me?"
  • Nonetheless, Owen was sensible enough not to rub Jasper the wrong way as he reluctantly endured the latter's words. "You're still young after all, President Mills. So, perhaps your lack of life experience has prevented you from seeing the bigger picture. Talia isn't your girlfriend and will never marry you. Aren't I right?"
  • Jasper responded with an unfathomable silence. This cunning old fox is surely up to something. Soon, he was reminded of the last time when he claimed to be Talia's boyfriend, in order to help her get Owen off her back. Thus, he was convinced that Owen had likely run a background check on their relationship.
  • Therefore, he didn't think it was necessary for him to argue with Owen about the authenticity of his relationship with Talia. A few moments later, he coldly responded, "I may never marry her, but I'm not letting her go either. So, in case you're planning to do something funny to her, I'd suggest that you give up that idea because you will fail no matter what."
  • As soon as he finished his sentence, he hung up the phone before he called his assistant. "I want to know what Owen's company is up to lately."
  • "President Mills, we have never worked with Owen before. Are you coming up with a new plan or something?" Jasper's assistant was left bewildered.
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