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Chapter 180 Fun and Exciting

  • After a few moments later, the car seemed to have stopped vibrating. Soon, the car door was open shortly before the nurse whom Talia saw earlier that morning stepped out of Arthur's car. When she saw the nurse's messy hair and disheveled look, Talia paused in a trance and quickly hid as she was afraid that it would be awkward for her if she was discovered. I bet she must have done something 'dirty', or she wouldn't have to be so sneaky, would she?
  • Once the nurse disappeared from sight, Arthur drove away from the parking lot while Talia reckoned it was better for her to continue hiding until it was safe for her to show herself.
  • However, Judith happened to show up at that moment and was nearly knocked down by Arthur. Knowing Judith's hot temper, Talia had no choice but to reluctantly step out from her car while mouthing, I am here, Jude!
  • Judith angrily cursed, "Who the heck is driving? Watch where you're going! Damn it!"
  • "Relax, the driver is a friend of mine. He probably didn't see you coming, which is nothing to be mad about, so let's get out of here." A frustrated Talia scratched her head.
  • At the same time, Arthur rolled down the window and smiled at Talia with a mischievous expression that suggested that he knew Talia had seen the wild intimacy he had earlier. For that, she felt so embarrassed that she wished she could just dig a hole and bury herself, but nevertheless, she maintained her composure and played it cool. "We need to go now. See you tomorrow."
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