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Chapter 18 His Missed Calls

  • Frank had completely underestimated Talia's ability to torment people in her drunken state. For the whole night, Talia hardly slept, and she started talking nonsense after puking. She stayed silent for a while before she continued to puke again.
  • All night, Frank was constantly busy taking care of Talia. Finally, he lay on the edge of the bed and rested for a while when it was almost dawn.
  • However, Talia could not sleep well because of her hangover. So, she woke up real soon and was sober. Only the remaining splitting headache reminded her how much she drank last night.
  • Upon seeing an unfamiliar environment around her and a tired-looking man sleeping on the edge of the bed, Talia felt her headache had gotten even worse. What's going on? Why am I at Frank's house?
  • At once, fragmented memories churned in her mind, and she wanted to slap herself to death. Talia was convinced that she made a call to Frank after she read through the phone call records. In addition, there were countless missed calls from Jasper.
  • Jasper's missed calls successfully unlocked the panic in Talia. What's going on? Why did Jasper suddenly call me so many times?
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