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Chapter 173 Am I Useless to You?

  • Talia thought that he was exaggerating when he said that only a fool would get lost at a hotel.
  • However, she quickly changed her mind when they arrived at the first floor. The large chandelier hung brilliantly from the ceiling while there was a fountain with sculptures of angels placed under it. The fact that this hall hosted such a grand scene spoke volumes for its sheer size.
  • She was doubting Jasper one moment, but in the next, she was already gripping his arm tightly as she was told to.
  • No wedding would be complete without wedding gifts. Even though the rich had subconsciously avoided conventional behavior, they had simply switched things up. For example, when he went up to the reception desk, there was a receptionist manning it. He handed the check he prepared beforehand along with the wedding invitation he received to her.
  • The receptionist had a sweet smile on her face as she led the two to the elevators, then pressed the button that would take them to the floor where the wedding would be held.
  • Talia was a little curious about the amount on the check, but she was too shy to ask in case she looked poor and foolish.
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