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Chapter 172 Showing Everyone How Weak I Am?

  • Arthur relaxed on the couch with a mocking smile. "He has never considered my feelings before, though."
  • Jasper smiled. "Judging from your dad's character, he's already being decent by letting you live and grow up to be an adult. Right, do you know who your stepmother is?"
  • A defiant Arthur responded, "Who cares about that sort of thing? He always marries for some sort of advantage."
  • Not long after that, he left. Talia noticed that he seemed different from his usual behavior, so she couldn't help but wonder what was going on.
  • Upon asking Jasper, she finally knew the truth. Arthur's dad was going to be married for the fourth time and because Arthur had been living away from home even before he was an adult, their relationship as father and son was incredibly tense.
  • As for the reason, Jasper didn't mention it as it was Arthur's private matter. Talia also didn't have the right to press for details.
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