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Chapter 158 Frightening Car Trailing Incident

  • Although Talia was confused, she knew that something was happening. With her heart in her mouth, she followed Jasper's instruction and looked around cautiously before noticing two black cars without number plates trailing behind her, and they were closing up on her slowly.
  • Immediately, she panicked. "There… There are two cars trailing behind me. How would you know about this? What should I do now? What are they trying to do?"
  • Jasper made a prompt decision. "Hit the gas pedal and try to lose them. Trust me! Quick!"
  • At this moment, Talia, who never dared to drive fast, quickly slammed on the gas pedal, but the cars behind her started accelerating as well. Reaching her limits, she stammered tearily, "I-I can't go any faster than this, and they're catching up to me!"
  • Despite that, Jasper urged, "Don't be afraid and continue driving! Cassius will pick you up, and you'll be safe when you see him. If you don't push through now and end up in their hands, everything will be over!"
  • Nevertheless, Talia was so anxious that she could not hold on to the steering wheel, and the car started swerving around. Right then, she was about to have a mental breakdown. "I can't do it… I'm really scared. What's happening? Why are they looking for me?"
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