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Chapter 155 Something Was Wrong

  • As Judith and Talia weren't able to eat out, the two of them ordered food for delivery before Judith stood alone at the entrance of her studio with a cup of coffee. At this moment, she was starving as she started rambling.
  • "Even coffee tastes bitter when I'm hungry. When will the delivery man reach? I've never been so excited for a man to show up at my doorstep."
  • However, a luxurious car came before the delivery man did, causing Judith's eyes to widen. "I didn't know that delivery services nowadays have become so posh. Doesn't this car cost like a few million?"
  • Talia rolled her eyes. "Can you stop thinking about your food delivery? What if that's your customer?"
  • Right then, Judith finally came back to her senses before she placed her coffee down and went out with an umbrella. In no time, the car door opened, and a person's legs in stockings and a pair of limited edition high heels were revealed. Right then, Talia recalled something familiar about it and wanted to stop Judith, but the person had already gotten out of the car. It was none other than Cassius's mother, Henriette.
  • At this moment, Judith greeted in a silly manner. "It's really inconvenient to go out in a weather like this, huh?"
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