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Chapter 150 Isn’t That a Crazy Thing to Do?

  • Judith didn't speak for a long time. Talia didn't know if she was sad or completely dumbfounded, but she noticed that Judith's expression was horrible, and her face was ashen.
  • A look of panic flashed across Micah's eyes as he pretended to be calm and explained with a smile, "Don't overthink; I actually like you quite a lot. Although we haven't been dating for a long time, I have also considered our future together. I don't think you should know the reason for the breakup, though. I also hope to be friends with you in the future, but it doesn't seem like it will work. Please forget about me and be mindful of your health."
  • There were tears in Judith's eyes. She was supposed to let her boyfriend meet her best friend, but she didn't expect to be so humiliated in such a way. Before Judith got mad, Talia flew into a rage first. "If you want to break up, go ahead! But you need to tell us the reason. How could you be vague about it?"
  • Micah helplessly rubbed his face. "Okay, since you want to know, I won't hide it from you. It wasn’t my intention to be vague. Someone warned me to stay away from you, and I can't tell you about it as well. Anyway, I have prepared for the worst, and I have finished what I need to say. Yes, I can't afford to provoke the other party, and I'm useless, so just dismiss me as a coward. I won't continue to have this meal with you either. Judith, your ex-boyfriend broke up with you inexplicably like this too, so you should think about who you've offended. I'll leave first."
  • It wasn't until Micah drove away that Judith began to cry. "Who did I offend? I've probably offended God because otherwise, why would I encounter all the worst things in life?"
  • Talia took out a paper napkin and handed it to her. "Don't cry first; let me think about it... Indeed, Evan broke up with you out of nowhere too. Although he gave a good reason, it was too inconsistent with his character. Jasper also said before that Evan seemed to have a secret when breaking up with you. Now that Micah was the same, you should think about who you offended."
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