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Chapter 15 Dusty Love Letter

  • Upon opening the small box, Talia found a photo of her mother and a handsome man. She had never seen that man before, but her intuition told her the man in the photo was her biological father.
  • There were letters in the box, and most of them were letters written by Talia's mother to her biological father that she had never sent out. As she was sorting out the contents, Talia suddenly found something interesting at the bottom of the box. It was a letter without an envelope. Driven by curiosity, she opened the letter and read it. Upon seeing Vincent's name written in the letter, Talia felt her heart sink.
  • That letter was the only letter Vincent wrote to Talia's mother. The handwriting on the letter was bold and powerful, and every word narrated the author's relentless, deep affection…
  • Talia was stunned, and her mind went blank. Does this mean… the relationship between Old Mr. Mills and Mom was not as innocent as I thought? Well, at least I know Old Mr. Mills did have feelings for Mom. During that time, Mom was driven into desperation. So, it's possible that Mom spent her last days with Old Mr. Mills in order to entrust me with the Mills.
  • It seemed like Talia had found vague answers in this small box for what she did not dare to find out for so many years. All these years, Jasper's indifference and hatred toward her were truly not a drop of wrongdoing.
  • At the same time, Talia was glad that Jasper did not open the box before this and did not let these things that were supposed to stay concealed be revealed in front of him.
  • Besides being vastly diffident, Talia also felt that her heart was overwhelmed with guilt. She was at a loss on how to confront Jasper for a moment.
  • Suddenly, Talia heard the sound of car movements coming from downstairs. Is Jasper going out?
  • Thus, Talia walked up to the window and watched as the car drove away. The guilty conscience inside her heart drove her into thinking of taking the first step to approach Jasper and patch things up with him. However, Talia could not find a suitable tactic to approach him. And so, Talia took out her phone and texted Jasper. 'Where are you going at such an hour?'
  • 'Business trip.' Even though it was only two words, it was very rare for Jasper to reply to Talia's text.
  • After that, Talia carefully typed out another line of text. 'You just had a drink, and if possible, don't be the one behind the wheels. Be careful on the road.'
  • Naturally, it was unusual for Talia to exhibit an ardent behavior, so Jasper paid no mind to it.
  • It looks like tonight's definitely going to be a sleepless night for me. Talia had mixed feelings as she looked around the huge Mills Residence. I shouldn't be here. Everything that Jasper had in the first place was destroyed because of me. If I didn't exist, perhaps Mom wouldn't have stepped into the Mills Residence.
  • Anguished, Talia anxiously looked for someone to confide in. So, she gave her best friend, Judith, a call. "Hey, Jude. Where are you? Are you free to come out?"
  • Judith's first reaction was to express her displeasure with Talia once she received the call. "Oh, my Precious Pearl, you're usually so busy that I could not find you anywhere. So, you finally thought of finding me now? Thank God I make myself available at any time to wait for a once-in-a-blue-moon call from you. Just set a place to meet."
  • Later, both Talia and Judith met up at the entrance of Zero Club.
  • Dressed casually in a white hooded sweatshirt with her beautiful face hidden in the hood, Judith looked at the club sign in front. Then, she went speechless. "I thought you just regarded this place as coordination for us to meet and was confident that you wouldn't go somewhere like a club. Are you sure you want to go in? Do you not see what I'm currently wearing? Do you think it's fine for me to enter wearing something like this?"
  • Tugging at her plain clothes, Talia said, "Aren't we both the same? I'm just in a bad mood and wanted to come out for a drink. I only have you to accompany me."
  • Though Judith showed disdain, her action said otherwise. Judith stretched out her arm, and Talia naturally linked her arm with hers. Then, the two entered the club together.
  • Having no thoughts of clubbing, Talia directly found a booth at a corner of the club. After ordering their liquor, Judith got down to the point and asked, "What's the matter? Did your nemesis upset you again? Here's a piece of advice from me: Discard him from yourself as soon as possible. Why must you insistently make yourself unfavorable in his eyes?"