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Chapter 135 Don’t Reject Me

  • The sound of the hairdryer was so loud that Talia didn't notice Jasper walking in behind her. Thus, she was startled when she felt herself being taken into his arms from behind. Looking at her flustered look in the mirror, Jasper realized that she really was shaken.
  • "Why are you not eating your dinner? What are you here for?" Talia asked.
  • Jasper snatched the hairdryer from her hand and turned it off, then put it aside and closed the bathroom door.
  • Talia's heart thumped hard all of a sudden as she hurriedly turned around and escaped from his arms. "My hair is almost dry now. Let's go eat!"
  • Pulling her into his arms again, he reached out and raised her chin, then gently rubbed his fingers on her lips. "Didn't I tell you not to avoid me?"
  • Looking at his face that wasn’t even an inch away, Talia flushed, and her eyes became cloudy from the sudden confusion. "I wasn't..."
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