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Chapter 115 You’re the One Who’s Late

  • Madam Nash said in a small voice, "It was put together with your dirty clothes... I thought it was Miss Carey's, but she said it wasn't... She also said it was not appropriate to throw it away and asked me to bring it to you..."
  • Jasper was silent for a moment before he ordered, "Throw it away."
  • Madam Nash hurriedly nodded and then left to throw the underwear away as if it was caught on fire.
  • After the door was closed, Jasper picked up his phone and sent a message to Sherry after a brief thought. 'Don't play your little schemes on me.'
  • Seeing the text, Sherry called him back. He calmly picked up and replied unemotionally, "Do you have something to say?"
  • Sherry's charming laughter came over the phone as she said, "Oh, did you find out? But you're not blaming me, right? Otherwise, you would not be as calm as you are now."
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