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Chapter 112 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

  • Jasper pondered for a while, then asked with a raised brow, "What does Sherry being pregnant have to do with me? Is that the reason why you refuse to move back home? For your information, I'm not the sort to get back together with an ex."
  • Talia looked at him and said nothing, but there was pure accusation in her gaze, as though asking, "Sherry only got knocked up after she stayed with you, so if you're not the father of her child, who is?"
  • Peeved by her staring, he lifted his coffee mug and brought it down hard onto the table, demanding, "What's with the face? She was here for business, and because she had no friends here in this foreign land, she stayed over at my place. That's all there is. Also, just so you know, I didn't ask you to make room for her; you decided to leave on your own!"
  • Upon hearing this, Talia mumbled, "So overbearing..."
  • He pulled a tissue and dabbed the corners of his lips, then stood up as he said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I think that fits you adequately."
  • She watched him walk out the door with no small amount of frustration welling up. She had no surgery scheduled for today, so she took a day off and headed over to Judith's place to pack up her things.
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