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Chapter 109 Futile Pursuits

  • Sherry scoffed arrogantly. "Please, I won't try to pick a fight with you again. I'm only here to tell you I'm leaving, which must be terrific news for you. You must be so happy to hear this. But I do think that you aren't cut out for life at the Mills Residence. I mean, anyone would be miffed to be stuck with someone who doesn't belong in their world in the first place."
  • Pursing her lips, Talia said coldly, "Are you done? I still have work to do, so I'll get going now."
  • Throwing Talia a bitter look, Sherry stormed into the elevator and drawled, "Love comes and goes, but profit reigns forever, and I'm definitely far more valuable than you are to Jasper."
  • Talia didn't truly understand what Sherry meant by that until three days later, when news of the Watsons' collaboration with Mills Group broke out. Following that, Sherry and Jasper had to have their pictures taken by the press, and needless to say, they made headlines in the business world.
  • The Watsons had migrated abroad years ago, and along with their dual citizenship, they had power and money as well. Sherry and Jasper were like a match made in heaven, which then promptly cast Talia into the dirt, so much so that she might as well be buried six feet under.
  • While the collaboration created a buzz among the commercial world, Sherry left Creekvale for the scenery abroad, but not before painstakingly planting landmines for Talia to step on.
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