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Chapter 108 Pregnancy Test Report

  • Judith stood up and dusted off her trousers, then said gruffly, "Why would I go on with the orders if I can make a neat profit without working? I would not work together with you for a day longer lest I lose my mind, so cough up the damages. That will be all. I'll see you around—oh, actually, I'd be better off not seeing you ever again."
  • She stormed off after that. As Cassius watched her leave, he closed his eyes in frustration. "You dug your own grave."
  • Judith was already waiting outside the hospital by the time Talia got off her shift that night.
  • As soon as she got into the car, Talia asked about the contract, to which Judith replied with an angry shake of her head, "Guess who the other party is for the contract?"
  • Talia frowned, a little astonished by her friend's obvious hostility. "My guess is as good as anybody's."
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