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Chapter 107 Loose Screws

  • Cassius looked away from Judith and said, "Regardless, this collaboration will not be a going concern for as long as I still harbor resentment."
  • Just recalling the details of the incident last night had made Judith's blood boil. It was all Sherry's fault, but the wretched girl started picking a fight with Talia. More importantly, it was only right for Judith to back Talia up as her friend, but for Cassius to come to Sherry's defense was inexcusable. Presently, giving in to his tantrum was equivalent to taking the blame for the events of last night.
  • While the setback for her workshop would be huge—her blood, sweat, and tears poured out over the last two months would have been for naught——she refused to compromise on her principles.
  • With renewed determination, she clenched her jaw and said haughtily, "Fine. Then the collaboration is off the table. My workshop won't actually cripple without this contract anyway. You'd better watch your back, Meyer, because I'll be sure to get you back for this."
  • Then, she walked out and slammed the door shut behind her. She had held her head high until she left the company building, and finally, she let her tears fall. The money, she thought mournfully. All the hard work I put in—the sleepless nights and early morning hours—gone!
  • Crying only made her hungrier, but she felt so hollow she couldn't even take another step forward. The next second, she sat down on the curb and began to sob, hugging her knees as she thought of ways to kill Cassius.
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