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Chapter 103 Is Hair-Pulling All You've Got?

  • Talia was not saintly enough to let go of her grudges, and now, she thought it was high time for her to get even with Sherry.
  • As such, she looked up breezily at Jasper and asked, "So when can I go back home? I know I left on my own will, but you were the one who allowed me to stay someplace else for the time being. I'd only be a waste of space now that you have Sherry around the house, wouldn't I?"
  • Jasper didn't find anything odd with her behavior, and after a moment of thought, he said, "You can move back soon enough. She'll only be in the country for a little while longer. For the record, I never wanted you to stay someplace else, but I let you because that was what you wanted to do. I thought that was a lot easier on you than having to suffer in silence if Sherry were to give you a hard time, and I don't have the energy to deal with cat fights."
  • Bluntly, Talia pointed out, "She was looking to give me a hard time, but clearly that didn't work out, because I slapped her."
  • Jasper held her gaze for a while and said nothing, and she thought she saw a glimmer of praise in his eyes.
  • Meanwhile, Sherry was growing restless in Cassius' car. She started to get out, but Cassius stopped her.
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