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Restrained Desires

Restrained Desires

Update: 2022-05-17

Chapter 1 He Has Returned

  • "Abort the child!"
  • While Talia Carey was passing by the stairway in the hospital, she heard a familiar voice all of a sudden.
  • Jasper Mills? It has been 3 years. Is he finally back already?
  • With her breath hitched, Talia involuntarily halted her steps as she felt slightly guilty about eavesdropping on the private conversation.
  • A woman who was sobbing cried out, "I don't wish to abort the child… I'm begging you…"
  • "You can still conceive a child in the future…" The man's voice was so cold and stern that it was not tinged with even the slightest intention of comforting the woman.
  • Not only has he returned, but he even brought back a pregnant woman…
  • Feeling her heart squeezed, Talia ran away in a panic as she did not wish to continue hearing the conversation anymore.
  • Sitting in the laboratory, she took out her phone and searched the series of numbers that were familiar to her. However, she had no courage to make the call as she reckoned that Jasper most likely did not tell her about his return on purpose.
  • "Dr. Carey, aren't you going off yet?" a nurse who passed by asked.
  • "You may go ahead first. I still have some matters to attend to."
  • Talia knew Jasper would surely move back to the Mills Residence since he had returned, so she deliberately stayed late in the hospital to avoid bumping into him.
  • She and Jasper were 'strangers' who lived under the same roof for 19 years.
  • The definition of 'strangers' in this context was that they had no blood relation. Neither were they family, friends, nor husband and wife.
  • Talia could clearly remember Jasper's extremely disgusted expression upon finding out she was secretly drawing his portrait and writing diaries about him when she was eighteen. With that, her crush on him was exposed to the public, and Jasper despised her affection and recklessly trampled it.
  • Ever since Talia entered the Mills Family at the age of five, Jasper had extremely detested her. His love was something Talia would never dare to covet. Because of that, her affection toward him appeared to be even more ridiculous in contrast.
  • Reaching home later that day, Talia did not switch on the lights the moment she stepped into the residence. She had been staying in the Mills Residence for 19 years, so she was familiar with every design and layout of this house.
  • She then walked to her bedroom and held the door handle when a sense of heat engulfed her from behind.
  • In the dark, Jasper suddenly hugged and kissed Talia. She was surrounded by his familiar breath which was filled with the smell of alcohol as his cold kiss scattered over her lips and neck.
  • All this while, she could never resist him––especially after not seeing him for three years. Just as she was about to fall into it, she suddenly recalled the incident she witnessed earlier. He already has another woman, and the woman is even pregnant with his child. I shouldn't humiliate myself like this anymore.
  • At this thought, Talia mustered her courage and shoved him away forcefully. Then, she quickly straightened her clothes and mumbled, "You're drunk."
  • Jasper swiftly seized her chin and sneered, "Why would I want to sleep with you if I'm not drunk? That's how you slept with me back then, right? We've only not met for 3 years. Don't tell me that you've turned lofty."
  • Biting her lips, Talia did not say a word as she had long become immune to his evil words. For countless times in the past, he had not stopped saying things to humiliate her––even when they were sleeping together.
  • However, Jasper was extremely annoyed at her silence, so he tightened his grip on her chin. "How dare you come home so late despite knowing I've returned?!"
  • Talia looked downward and answered in a trembling voice due to the pain, "You didn't tell me."
  • Jasper drew close all of a sudden. "Everyone knows about it, yet you don't?"
  • What he said was true. After bumping into Jasper and the pregnant woman in the hospital, Talia saw the news about his return later on. Everyone knew he was back, but she was the last to find out. Besides that, she was actually made aware of it in such an unexpected situation. Prior to this, she thought he would never want to see her again.
  • Jasper had no patience to wait for Talia's reply so he forcefully carried her into the bedroom and pinned her down on the bed. Then, he went straight to the main event without even going through the foreplay.
  • Panic-stricken, Talia placed her hands against his chest and gasped, "Jasper!"