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Chapter 9

  • Samuel could not believe how many faults his great uncle turned a blind eye to. As soon as he looked through the files on his laptop back at the hotel he knew something had to be done.
  • His tour of the company had been put on hold so he could get down to uprooting the unwanted plants and weeds within the company.
  • Today, his things would be moved to a penthouse suite in a more suitable building. He would be able to contact Xavier then.
  • The company was still on high alert as they should be, he was not done removing the filth that harbored within its walls.
  • He initially planned on staying in Alvas for no more than three weeks at most but seeing the scale of things, he would stay a good month and probably a few weeks.
  • He was currently in his new office, the old décor had been removed a week to his taking the position and now the once light lavender walls were replaced with a darker shade of cream.
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