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Chapter 5

  • A growl of warning escaped Samuel’s lips. The sound reverberating through the air from where he was leaning on the wall. The wolves that were in the room bowed their heads submissively, excluding his father. It served to get those molten amber eyes turned to him followed by his brother’s swirling green ones.
  • The lawyer cleared his throat bringing attention back to himself. “It’s alright former Alpha Princeton, they are the closer blood relations. If it is their wish, I will go straight to the inheritance and property division.”
  • Dylan’s eyes mocked Samuel’s before settling back on the lawyer as he began.
  • “To my daughter in-law, Cynthia, I leave the sum of four million dollars to which she may use as she sees fit.”
  • ‘Great. Four million dollars should get her started on her road to complete freedom and hopefully that would be away from his family.’ Samuel thought.
  • Cynthia did not leave any expression to follow on. Her face remained blank.
  • “To my grandsons, Klaus and Dylan, I leave the sum of one hundred million each and two estates found suitable by the executor.”
  • The grins on their faces were akin to children getting the presents they wanted on Christmas morning. That was their money decided. His great uncle just had to be generous. But who was the executor?
  • “To my niece, Amaechi, I leave the two family houses and one quarter of the family jewels of her choosing.” That one got Cynthia’s hands into fists and her knuckles turning paper white. The brothers did not seem to care.
  • “To Marcus, Chika, Daniel and Kara, I leave six million each, to be given when they each turn twenty one. I also give them a quarter of the family jewels. They are to be divided equally and given on their wedding days.”
  • By the looks on the Delezes faces they did not like where this was going. Dylan’s jaw ticked, Klaus’ fingers drummed in a slightly slow rhythm on the arm of his chair and Cynthia looked like she could kill the lawyer. This was clearly not what they were expecting at all.
  • The Deleze family jewels were worth an estimated forty million. That meant his mother and siblings got an accumulated twenty million, half the jewels. It looked like they were expecting the whole pot to be theirs. They should be grateful, with their behavior he was surprised they were even getting a dime.
  • “The rest of the jewels are to be evenly divided and given to the wives of my grandsons six months after marriage.” The sound of splintering wood filled the room. He inwardly chuckled. Cynthia was going break the arms of the chair she was sitting on at this rate.
  • The old man certainly knew what he was doing. He had left Cynthia with nothing but cash. Just like she always wanted and it was obvious Klaus and Dylan had no intension of being tied down.
  • He got the last laugh from beyond the grave. The big question left now was who would get the company.
  • “I leave twenty four million to six of my favorite charities.”
  • Ha! Great uncle Edward considered Cynthia a charity case. This just kept getting better and better. The wood beneath her hand at this point was ready to end its own suffering.
  • “The rest, company, estate and money I leave in the name of my great nephew, Samuel .O. Princeton who will also act as my executor.”
  • In that moment several things happened. First, was absolute silence and clear shock. Next, Cynthia finally snapped and broke the wood beneath her hands to mere toothpicks before jumping to her feet in outrage and snatching the will out of the lawyer’s calm hands.
  • Dylan and Klaus flashed to her side as she flipped through the documents. Dylan and Klaus lifted their faces from the documents to look at him. Their eyes read murder. They were ready to tear him apart. They were welcome to try. He would have no qualms about leaving their bloody pieces everywhere.
  • Third, Cynthia let out a scream so full of disbelief, frustration and hatred that the dead must have definitely heard. Her eyes flashed silver. He was sure his great uncle, wherever he was, was laughing his head off.
  • Cynthia screamed before tearing the documents to shreds. “This cannot be!”
  • “That!” she motioned at the miniscule pieces of the floor “cannot be the real will and testament! I demand to have the real one read!” While she was screaming her head off, the president of the company was already calling Samuel his boss.
  • Cynthia’s screaming continued long after the the lawyers and the company’s president had left. And continued as he and his family left the house but followed by the sound of things breaking.
  • Samuel left in his own car, truly surprised at the events that had just unfolded. Why would his late great uncle give him the rest of the money and property? And what the devil was he thinking when he decided to name him the executor?! Now he had that harpy and her young on his back. He did not like that one bit. But he could take care of it he guessed. He had been Alpha of the Astoke pack, the second largest community of shifters in the world for six years now.
  • The responsibility was huge. Properties and land to acquire, maintain and keep safe, number of people to be counted and complaints to be taken care of. In a way it was like managing a small country and with humans fully aware of their existence. There were annoying over priced taxes to be paid to their governments.
  • Those duties had been keeping him up all night for nearly a week and right now, after what just happened he needed to get some sleep. Before the day was through the money and property had been transferred into his name. Samuel O. Princeton became an even bigger billionaire overnight at the age of Thirty two.
  • Before the three weeks were over the entire buisness world would know about it.