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Chapter 28

  • Rita could not believe everything she had just heard.
  • From what Anthony told her, the CEO just called Marlene in one afternoon and that was it. A few people came to take her things away and the next day Irina was in. 
  • There was no early warning. Nothing. Not one notice. Anthony said he had not heard a word from Marlene since. No call, no fax or anything. Like she just up and disappeared. And it was clear that Irina had the same category of iron fists as the CEO.
  • Apparently, she had just taken a few minutes to introduce herself and after that she began her aggressive restructuring. She had gone straight to scrutinizing everyone’s work and then to weeding.
  • Five people lost their jobs in the first hours. Fifteen in the first week. And before he knew it eighty-five percent of their coworkers were fired and replaced. 
  • That would explain all the new faces. 
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