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Chapter 27

  • Lunchtime rolled around ever so slowly, mostly because she had already finished her load of work in the first three hours. She had not heard or seen Talia or smelt her eau de whore which was another Godsend.
  • She had spent the remaining time trying to guess what had happened that had completely changed everything in the past weeks she was gone.
  • Sure the investigation surrounding Theo and the trial might have brought down the iron hand of the new CEO, as she had heard used to describe the man’s actions. But the repercussions of any of that would have most likely resulted in a closer watch on every employee, especially vampires and greater punishment.
  • Clearly, the man thought that was not enough and decided to do some renovation. Some large-scale renovation.
  • She went for salad with some French dressing and a bottle of water while she waited for Anthony to appear. After the hospital discharged her, she had gotten so depressed a few days later that she had stopped eating for weeks.
  • Her mind just kept going back to the trial and every mean thing those treacherous bitches said about her. They managed to destroy every single good memory she had of them. If she could take them out of her head and watch them burn to ashes in front of her, she would.
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