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Chapter 25

  • The company was gracious enough to give Rita paid leave for the four weeks she was officially recovering. She had pressed charges on Penny, Lucinda, Sandra, Kelly and Jennifer for being accomplices of Theo’s sexual extortion of her, they were not her friends, just tools for Theo to get what he wanted. 
  • They all denied it of course, Penny told everyone it was just a campaign of one of her rivals to drag her name through the mud, Lucinda’s agent put out a statement saying the same thing, Jennifer just blew the whole thing off, it hardly touched her with all her influential fuck buddies, it was just the right blowjob here and that was it. They all called her a Liar.
  • A Federal investigation that had been launched into the incidents of that Friday had found fifteen people, supernaturals and humans alike to be responsible for the the event, Theo’s entire family and soon to be in-laws included. 
  • The suspects were charged with kidnapping, blackmail, human trafficking, illegal surveillance, supplying humans for direct feeding and sex, possession of drugs and illegal narcotics, sextortion, sex with minors, embezzlement, money laundering, forgery, bribery, twenty-nine counts of murder, indirect cause of nine suicides, indignity to human bodies and possession of illegal firearms.
  • A private additional investigation into Theo proved that Penny, Lucinda and Jennifer were his accomplices and apparently Sandra was not Sandra and Kelly was not Kelly, their names were Delia and Penelope, they were small-time criminals in the south that specialized in blackmail and extortion, Theo paid them to bug her apartment the last time they were all in there. 
  • And guess what? The bachelorette she was supposed to go to did not exist, neither were the wedding plans or the dates she had with her “boyfriend”. Penny’s fiancé was a fake too. A James loyre or something.
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