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Chapter 20

  • Rita did not tell Matthew the truth, why should she? This was not his problem to be burdened with, she just told him that she just wanted to come in early today was all. He knew she was not telling the truth but he did not press anymore on the subject.
  • In the end she could not finish the pastry that she was making. She just shoved the mixture in a baking pan and slapped it in the oven. Matthew gave her an account of the week, what sold best, how much money the bakery made, how much they spent and…incidents.
  • So far there were three incidents this week and all of them except for one, were of Mrs Hendrix, an old woman who seemed very interested in Matthew and some of the other men that were under her employ.
  • At first it looked like she wanted them to come work for her in her bakery instead, of course, being seventy eight years old gave her the patience to keep the act up for two and a half years but most of that and the mask went out the window when she “stumbled” into the men’s changing rooms.
  • She had gone straight for a then very shirtless Matthew like a rabid wild animal.
  • Matthew said he had only ever seen that look on one person, his younger brother, his sex crazed nineteen year old brother, and even so the look or intent was not directed at him.
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