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Chapter 15

  • As if yesterday was not enough Theo popped up infront of her during lunch in what seemingly was an accident which in all truth and honesty it was not. Talia on his arm. The bitch looked at her with a mixture of distain, the you-are-going-six-feet-down and the do-not-think-I-forgot-about-that-incident-last-week look.
  • Rita blasted her a look of her own that clearly said do not mess with me today or I will rip out those excessively expensive extensions on your bitchy head.
  • The fear of yesterday night had that morning turned to anger. She had spent the whole night scouting for hidden cameras in her apartment. She had gone the extra mile of checking her car, her clothes and her bag.
  • She had barely slept a wink because of it and the irritation that someone could be watching her in her private space.
  • She had more than half a mind to slam her tray into him and follow-up on the look she gave Talia. Today she had gone for Lasagna instead the usual pastry and the pleasure of seeing Theo’s stupid light blue shirt getting impossibly stained with italian and juice was starting to get unbearably cheering.
  • Instead of doing what she so craved to do she narrowed her eyes at Theo and sidestepped him. The Jackass.
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