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Chapter 12

  • Less than thirty minutes after lunch, the entire staff was to be briefed about what happened. So here they all were in the enormous hall on the last floor, seated and waiting for whoever was going to tell them what the freaking hell was going on to come on stage.
  • That person turned out to be the company’s spokeswoman, Juliana Tripe. From all the way where Rita sat she could not make her out, all she could see from this way up was a a short woman with short wavy brown hair in a lavender work dress.
  • She briskly yet steadily walked onto the stage, her steps making a dull sound as she did. There were files in her hands, that meant something big went down. Not that everyone did not know that, it does not get bigger than the CEO and chairperson having the other board members arrested.
  • Mummurs were already in the air before she walked on but now they intensified.
  • She set the file down on the podium before tapping the microphone to make sure it worked.
  • Satisfied that it was she began. “My I have your attention please.” The mummurs went down quickly. No one wanted to miss a detail, eager to know what exactly happened.
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