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  • POV: Lianne Deivin
  • One week admission in the hospital was considered a short stay for a man who sustained a gunshot wound in the left upper chest. The cardiologist doctor of Since Hospital said that it was a miracle for Ruen to have a near-miss...only just a couple of millimeters away from his heart. It was a miracle truly. One that I was thankful for.
  • I was leaning against the railing in the open balcony of Ruen’s rest house. The evening was cold, but I took it upon myself to gaze at the beautiful sea of stars in the blanket of darkness. I really missed this place, and I am happy to be back here again.
  • I was wearing a peach-pink evening gown with crystal beads on the strap shoulder, neck and waistline formed into a bouquet of flowers. He bought the gown for me from a well-known designer. The fabric used was a soft chiffon and it had a one meter trail, enough for me to manage in the Since Mansion grand hall that was expected to have a mountain of guests.
  • Yes. Ruen and I will be attending a party. A party that was created for him - the new owner of the Since Resort. Or shall I say... the true owner of the Regaleria Mansion.
  • I met Mr. Gillard Rafael two days after Ruen was admitted and there, he told me everything: on how he and Ruen met on the first day, how he became his personal secret service bodyguard, the extent of the truth he knows about me and the emerald necklace, Ruen’s otherworldly time jump, and how Ruen was incessantly and stubbornly looking for me for years; all his torments and sufferings, and his eternal love for me.
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