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Chapter 27 - A Wish to Come True

  • My feet automatically stepped in to investigate the room further.
  • It was mainly dark. The only light fixture I could see in the ceiling was unlit. It was a decent-looking room with an acceptable size. I first thought it was a recording room, but it was actually a monitoring room, with all the weird-looking gadgets, sound and equalizer systems and a handful of tiny buttons laid in a slanting table a couple of feet away from where I stood, dumbstruck.
  • The room was a spectacle to behold, especially with the 12-inch flat monitor screens stacked way up into the ceiling. I deduced they were video surveillance monitors.
  • One... two... three... four... wow... there were actually sixteen monitors all in all. Each one showing different areas of the mansion. One showing the pool area. Another showing the front portico. The others showing the dining and the kitchen areas, the outside garden, hallways and more hallways including the hallway that I had recently just passed by, a ballroom hall, a roof deck, an area of what looked like an armory, a laboratory with people actually wearing lab coats, and many more.
  • I scanned them one by one until my eyes rested on a certain monitor screen. My hands tensed up and my heart began to leap in haste.
  • ‘My God! RUEN!!!’
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