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Chapter 19 - In a Trance

  • It was six in the evening. I was sitting on the living room couch wearing Ruen’s white polo shirt when I received a call from Jen telling me that I should go back to the mansion. Apparently, Madame Brenda will be hosting a dinner farewell party for us and the other guests, since tonight would be our last night in the mansion.
  • Ruen was in the kitchen, taking some cold refreshments out of the fridge when he cast a curious eye on me. I took a quick glance back at him and then turned to walk outside the open balcony where the night sky showed a sea of stars and a bright full moon.
  • It was indeed beautiful to watch. Simply romantic.
  • “Yes, I see.”
  • “Okay then, so I will see you here in an hour?” Jen stated.
  • “Yup, I will prepare to leave now Jen. See you there.”
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