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Chapter 17 - Passion and Memories

  • The look on Ruen’s face showed that he was stunned by my words. Then, some moments later his eyes softened likely realizing what I meant. He inched closer to me and ever so gently touched my cheeks. This time, the heat I was feeling ignited more. 
  • “Lianne, are you sure?” he asked me with doubt in his eyes.
  • “Yes...” was my most ardent reply.
  • He bent his head to kiss me. It was pure bliss. The feeling of his lips on mine, finally. I remembered back in the mansion, before my friends and I were to go to the cave, he bestowed a kiss on me like this. Although that one was a bit aggressive, possibly because he was jealous of Cain, but it was still the same, full of desire that was tangible on his lips.
  • I let myself loose. I didn’t allow anything to nail me down or let any feeling of hesitation come over me.
  • Free.
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