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Chapter 16 - Final Decision

  • POV: Lianne Deivin
  • I diced the spring onions and sprinkled it on top of the bacon soup all the while I hummed. This tune had been inside my head since I was little. It always made me feel calm whenever I had stressful situations. Cooking however wasn’t stressing me but the tune just popped out of my head the moment I started cooking and it had stuck until I finished.
  • There. I’m finally done.
  • With arms akimbo, I stepped backward and surveyed my creations.
  • A feeling of pride rushed inside me seeing the food I prepared for both of us. I always loved to cook, always had been at ease with the kitchen, but it was my first time cooking for someone other than Jen and my Aunt, and all the more for the opposite sex.
  • I crossed my fingers, hoping that Ruen would like the soup, and maybe if he wanted, I’d be glad to share a pancake with him.
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