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Chapter 13 - With Him

  • POV: Lianne Deivin
  • Meet me where the moon and the waters kiss.
  • Ruen’s message was vague. It didn’t say exactly what time and where we should meet, but since it was already night time and that the note mentioned ‘water’, I opted to go to the only body of water the camp had: the lake. Now I’m walking along the shoreline trying to find him and hoping I was right with my hunch.
  • With the pristine lake and the reflection of the moon on its surface, this could be possibly the one he was talking about.
  • Nobody was around, I presume, because of the camp show and that proved to be an advantage. It provided me an easier way to find him.
  • And yes, just over the distance, I noticed a man standing near the shore. The water almost touched his boots, but I think he was too engrossed with staring at the lake that he didn’t notice it.
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