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Chapter 11 - Arrest

  • “Cain!”
  • Lianne stood up quickly as soon as she recognized him. The necklace in her hand dangled wildly in response --- a reaction that was comparable to her heartbeat, drumming wildly against her rib cage.
  • “ saying my name is music to my ears, Lianne, ” he commented, pleased, but exuding aura that wasn’t like earlier when he was in front of her friends.
  • “I suppose you don’t know how to knock?” Lianne glared at him, her sarcastic tone clear.
  • “This door is already open Lianne, and also, I’m not used to knocking. All doors are opened for me, ” he said with greater sarcasm.
  • ‘I know what I ask and I mean the door in the living room!’ that thought crossed her mind. Lianne wanted to ask him this but chose a different question instead.
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