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Chapter 10 - The Emerald Pendant

  • POV: Lianne Deivin
  • The cave was definitely not what I expected. It was actually even more. It was located at the foot of a mountain bordering the resort and another small town on the other side. The facade was neatly maintained by the staff of the resort and a makeshift sturdy stair made of wood provided an entrance to the cave.
  • The inside was beautiful and huge. We were awestruck. It had a floor-to-ceiling length of about five storeys high, and the center cave expanse could be compared to a football field. One could immediately see a wide body of water and a natural waterfall connected to it, providing the cave another striking scenery.
  • There were stalactites and stalagmites everywhere, but unusually, it had a weird color of crystallized green. There was a small opening right above our heads that invited the afternoon sunlight in, reflecting the walls and flooring thereby giving the whole area its faint green color.
  • Green... My favorite color.
  • The stone walls were covered with a variety of mosses and ferns indigenous to the area. This place was truly magnificent, but what caught my attention was the beautiful shimmering body of water and its waterfall. The atmosphere itself and its surroundings gave me a memory that I couldn’t seem to cultivate in the back of my head.
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