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Chapter 8

  • He tried to pull me back, but I drew closer with a smirk on my face.
  • "Hey… you wanted to spend the night here with me right? So what's the big deal if I want us to fuck right now?"
  • "Alana, you're drunk.. "
  • "And horny.. " I cut in abruptly. "what? Are you nervous? Are you worried that what we're doing is considered cheating since you have a another woman who is pregnant with your child.. "
  • He tried to speak, but I placed a finger against his lips with my lips pouted as I whispered.
  • "Shhh… you don't have to say anything." I drew my hand down and slowly leaned forward so that our lips were barely an inch apart, my eyes slowly scanned him right from his dark blue eyes down to his lips. "This can be our little secret okay?"
  • And without warning, I grad the back of his neck and pull him in closer for a kiss, taking him off guard. When I finally got a taste of his lips again which I had gotten a taste of on very rare occasions, I exploded. My wetness was running down my legs, my legs were throbbing, and my hands wounded around his neck were trembling from the excitement.
  • Like I expected, his lips were soft and delicious, and I was having the time of my life being in control for once as imtook charge and delved into his mouth with mine, but just as I wanted to delve in deeper, he pulled me away, and I stared wide eyed at his flushed face which hid anger and disgust as we parted.
  • "That's enough Alana." His cold voice rang out in the room, but I wasn't having enough. I needed more.
  • "Why? Are you guilty about cheating on her… is it because it's her you're Inlove with…"
  • He tried to say something but he suddenly held the bridge of his nose before turning to me, speaking in a softer tone.
  • "I'm just tired, okay? We can't do this anytime, but not tonight. You're drunk too. It will like I took advantage of you and I don't want that.. "
  • I push his arms off me and straddled closer to him, feeling him buldge pressing against my pussy which was concealed by the barrier of my clothes.
  • "When did you start to Care about what happened to me… I said I'm horny, not sleepy?!"
  • "Alana just stop it!" He growled at me.
  • "Tell me you're in love with her and I'll leave you alone. Infact, I'll never try to talk to you again" I whisper, desperately looking at him. For some seconds, we just stared at each other, panting in each other's faces, and when he hadn't said anything, I lean down to kiss the side of his neck.
  • No matter what, the mate bond was powerful, and when we were in intimate positions like this, he was certain not to hold back, because the next second, I heard him muffle a groan before feeling the buldge pressing against me get bigger and hotter.
  • Slowly, teasingly, my lips moved from the edge of his neck to the lobe of his ear before I slipped my tongue into his ear and began Racing my tongue in while grabbed his chest and squeezing hard to subdue the throbbing pain between my legs which the buldge between them only made worse. I so badly needed him inside me. At that moment, my mind was clouded with nothing but me, Lucian and this bed we were lying on now.
  • I knew I might regret what I was trying to do, but I just couldn't stop myself at this moment. All I could think of was him fucking me until I passed out with my puke pooling beneath me.
  • "Please Lucian… " I whispered, feeling hot as I felt his hand raise the hem of my shirt, his cool hands running up and down the small of my back. "please.. make love to me." His hand froze, and I began kissing his jaw line down to his neck before biting and sucking on it, and he began groaning, grabbing onto my waist so tight, I feared he might snap me in half.
  • "Fuck me please.. " I whispered desperately, slowly rocking against him, feeling my wetness soak his briefs as we made contact. "Please.. please Lucian… "
  • "A- Alana" he groaned, and suddenly, he caught me off guard my kissing me with such a fierceness that left me gasping for air as he ran his lips down my neck to my shoulder.
  • I wrap my arms around his neck, moaning his name like a blind woman searching for her love in the dark as his bit and suckled on my sensitive skin, thrusting his hip upwards to match with my movements.
  • He reached up to kiss me again, and as our tongue entwined, he turned us around and I found my back to the bed as he towered over me.
  • Riipp!!!
  • I heard my own shirt and other clothes rip as he came down my lips with his again, and my senses were like a mushy mess in my head, so I didn't bother about fussing over him seeing my naked body as I arch my back off the bed to cup his chin and bring his lips further down on mine, kissing him hard and ruthlessly.
  • "Oh.. Lucian… it's been so long I had you inside of me. Fuck me with your fingers… fuck me and force them into my mouth as you fuck me from behind.." I shamelessly say as his fingers carress my inner thighs while his lips came down onto the swell of my breasts while my fingers laced through his hair.
  • I had so many wild fantasies all these years I and Lucian Haven't fucked. No matter how much I tried to convince myself that I could find another man who could take care of me better than Lucian, I knew I was just lying to myself. No one could ever be like Lucian.
  • No one could make me feel the way I did whenever I was around him.
  • And that's why I hated him more than ever. I hated that I loved him and I hated that even though he hurt me, sometimes I wished he could love me more than he loved Diana. I wished I was the one carrying his child and not Diana.