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Chapter 5

  • I freeze and turn when I felt a soft, small hand wrapped around mine, sending soothing shivers up my spine.
  • My eyes met with Diana’s obsidian black eyes before she patted the back of my palm tenderly.
  • “You know how Alana can be when she’s angry.. so please let her be. I’m sure she’ll be over it by tomorrow.”
  • “She knows you’re pregnant and the first thing she tries to do is kill you? Do you think that’s forgiveable Diana? I could have lost you and the baby or either one of you.”
  • Diana looked horrified, and I was sure she hadn’t known that Alana knew about us or about her pregnancy until now.
  • “H- how did she find out.” Her voice was now a hushed whisper, like she was expecting Alana to step out of the shadows.
  • “I had to tell her, Diana. Remember the meeting with the elders? I can’t have you bear my child out of wedlock.”
  • “Well, with how things went with you two, I don’t think she’s willing to accept me as her co-Luna.” Diana shrugged dejectedly and that fueled up the hate and anger I’ve always habored towards Alana. Wasn’t she willing to let us be together? This proves that in actual fact, she was happy that Diana and I didn’t get to be mates, because if not? Why wasn’t she willing to let us be together like we wanted. Why was she so rebellious, adamant and stubborn about it.
  • “I’m really sorry Diana. I thought I could intimidate her as usual, but she was just so frustratingly bent on not according to plan. She wants to make sure you have the child out of wedlock.”
  • She gasped and with shaky lips, she clasped her hand together.
  • “But I’m pregnant with your child Lucian. I can’t give birth out of wedlock.”
  • “Look, I know, okay?” I grabbed her hand across the table and we entwined fingers like it was natural. “But I’m not going to let that happen. You will be my Luna, Diana. And once you are, nothing will stop us from kicking Alana out of our pack.”
  • “How would we convince her then. I think she already hates me. I feel so bad, but …”
  • “Hey..” she looked like she wanted to cry, and I felt my heart clench in pain when the tears began dropping down her cheeks. “Please don’t cry, Diana. I’ll figure something out.”
  • “Alana is really stubborn, and when she makes up her mind on something, nothing .. absolutely nothing can change her mind.”
  • “Maybe..” I snap my fingers as I thought of an idea. It didn’t create a good image in my head, but I was willing to do anything for Diana. “Maybe we just need a new approach technique…”
  • “Like what?” She sniffed, cleaning her eyes.
  • “Why don’t I just pretend to like Alana for a few days. We could get along in no time, and you know it wouldn’t be difficult into persuading her to concede to making you Luna.”
  • Suddenly her eyes grew wide in realization.
  • “You can spend more time with her, and then when you get the chance, you can take advantage of her vunerable state and get her to concede… Yes Lucian! That’s a great plan.”
  • She got up and rounded the table before approaching me and kissing me smack on the lips. I kissed her back on feeling her lips on mine, my hand reaching up to cradle her head as I deepened the kiss.
  • However, when we realized where we were, we pulled back, panting in each other’s faces, a grin on my beautiful partner’s lips.
  • “I can invite her for a walk at the river bank tomorrow. I don’t have any meetings till noon n and I’ll be pretty much free so we have time. You can come along too. Maybe along the way, she can end up getting along with you and accepting you and the child.”
  • The river bank was where all four of us practically grew up. It was a bit far from my mansion, and it was like a secret spot where I, Diana, Alana and Caleb could meet, right from when we were little kids.
  • It’s been so long since all four of us went down there together. Usually, it was just I and Diana or Alana and Caleb.
  • Sometimes, deep down, I wished things didn’t have to be the way they were anymore. I wish Diana was my mate so I wouldn’t have to hate Alana and so that Caleb wouldn’t have to hate me and Diana.
  • “Are you sure you want me around?” Diana’s question disrupted my thoughts and I just smiled at her. “Wouldn’t I be interfering between you two?”
  • “ Of course not. You should come.” I urge her and of course, it doesn’t take her less than seconds before she willing agrees, and soon, I was taking her up to her room.
  • Normally, I’d spend the night there, but I decided to make my way to Alana’s room.
  • The door refused to budge as I pusbed it open, and I wondered why she locked the door. I decided to follow through the window which wasn’t a problem. Her floor wasn’t really high up, and I could easily jump up her pane and through her open window.
  • In minutes, I was already manoeuvering my way in the room before I finally made out the shape of the bed. My eyes narrowed when I don’t see a figure lying down there, and for some reason my heart beat raced.
  • Why was her room locked if she wasn’t lying on her bed? Instinctively, my eyes suddenly moved to the locked door and that was when I saw her sitting there, head against the door as she slept, tears streaked across her face as I inched forward.
  • I stooped down and shook her by the shoulders. When her eyes groggily opened up, I was stunned at how red her eyes could be in the dark. They looked like red rubbied up close, but they were round and huge when she saw who had woken her up.