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Rejected By My Ruthless Lycan Mate

Rejected By My Ruthless Lycan Mate

Snow Above Story

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • I held the paper in my hands, my lips trembling as I read each word. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that this was a dream and I would soon wake up to reality, the words before me on the test sheet didn’t disappear.
  • And neither did my mate’s prescence fade away. He was standing there, expressionless as usual as he waited for a reply from me.
  • What did he want me to say?
  • “She’s three months gone, and I’ve already had a meeting with the elders not too long ago. They’ll only accept Diana as my second Luna and the mother of my child if you agree with the terms and conditions of her living here as mine.”
  • I stared at him blankly, my jaw lowered to the floor. To think my mate couldn’t stoop down low any further, to think my best friend Diana would actually comfort me whenever Lucian hit me or abused me, but stab me right in the back by actually having an affair with my mate, to think he was actually trying to persuade me into agreeing to make Diana his Luna?
  • I knew right from the moment Lucian realized I was his mate, he had hated me onwards. We were best friends, and I was aware that he loved Diana, but when we ended up as mates, it was like I was the third wheel who had come into their relationship.
  • It wasn’t my fault that the moon goddess had intended for us to be fated together. I didn’t even love Lucian, I saw him as a friend.
  • But as time went, the mate pull grew stronger and I found myself falling Inlove with him. But he never for once reciprocated my feelings, only treating me as trash, hitting me, sometimes locking me up in a room without food for days when he got mad at the little things I did.
  • I was basically treated like a slave in my own home, in my own pack, and the respect I was supposed to earn as Luna dissipated into thin air. The Omegas treated Diana more respectably than they treat me.
  • I had ignored the fact that he suddenly wanted Diana living with us, even though I found it suspicious. I couldn’t bear to hate Diana. She was just so sweet, loveable, caring, and respects my relationship with Lucian despite the fact that they were lovers before.
  • But now, it was like the scales had fallen off my eyes and I could see. I could see how Diana how deceived me into believing she had good intentions when she came here. I was at the second floor of the mansion where guests stayed, but Diana got the top floor with the Alpha. I was so stupid to have brushed it off. I was stupid to have ever trusted Diana. I was foolish to have even fallen in love with Lucian when I knew he didn’t love me.
  • After we discovered we were mates, for the sake of the ritual, we did mate to complete the bonding, but he did not mark me.
  • A few times after that we mated, but for almost three years now, he hadn’t even touched me or glanced my way even when I wore skimpy, sultry clothes to get his attention.
  • And now, he had called me in this evening and flung some papers in my face- which happened to be Diana’s pregnancy reports.
  • My best friend had been fucking my mate behind my back for almost six months, maybe a year even, who knows when their affair began, and he wanted me to give my consent to the elders to let her be Luna so that she would bear his mark.
  • So that her child would take over as Alpha and I would be cast aside and forgotten?
  • I may have bore Lucian’s insults, contempt and burning hate towards me all these years, I may have tolerated shit from the Omegas and his Beta, and I may have been played stupid by Diana…
  • I slapped down the papers on the table and got up, tears brimming in my eyes.
  • …but I will never let him have that satisfaction of watching me break down and cry before him again like the pathetic Luna he thought I was. I will no longer be taken advantage of anymore.
  • “Fuck you Lucian..” with a shaky voice, I whispered, quickly wiping the edge of my eyes before the tears could roll down my cheeks.
  • I turn away to leave, and I roll my eyes when I realized he was closely behind me, and before I could run upstairs to my room, he grabbed me by the wrists and pushed me back against the wall so that my back roughly connected with it, sending pain shooting up my body.
  • I wince, and bite down on my lower lip as I met with his eyes which glared down furiously into mine, his cerulean blue eyes, icy and cold.
  • Yet, as I gulp, forcing myself not to waver and glance down in fear like usual, I couldn’t help the shivers running down my spine. I felt desire and anger all at once, and frustratingly desire was winning. I was mad at him, but the fucking mate bond just had to distract my feelings each time, and all I could think of was him between my legs as he gave me a really good fuck, but that wasn’t going to even happen, so I better push that thought at the back of my mind, trying to conceal it, suppressing my hussey of a wolf as she yearned to mate with his wolf.
  • I just hoped he couldn’t smell my arousal, but his cold eyes boring into mine said otherwise.
  • Sometimes I wondered if he even felt the mate bond, the mate pull… Did he really hate me that much that for a second he never felt anything for me?
  • “You will concede to my decision, Alana.”
  • “And if I don’t?” I snap back, finally loosing control of my emotions and growling back at him.