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Chapter 94 Admit That You Like Me

  • Medical analysis and testing would take quite a while, so Shang Qing passed her record book of observations she made during this time to Pang Qi, and decided to wash up and get a good rest.
  • It had been a while since she last slept well.
  • Two young assistants walked out along with her. They were here to learn and get some hands on experience, but they weren’t here on their own accord. They were sent here by their families.
  • Their families had good relations with the Fengs, and their motive for sending their precious daughters to a place like this was obvious.
  • A romance on the battle field, sharing in weal and woe – that was surely a stronger case than the fiancée that was betrothed to Young Master Feng, right?
  • Once Shang Qing removed her mask, the two women realized that Shang Qing was as young as them, and started making nasty assumptions.
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