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Chapter 90 Infuenza

  • “It can’t be helped then. We’ll have to use the most primitive method to disinfect the place. There’s very little medicine around here, but plenty of alcohol.”
  • Feng Kaize quickly gave a series of instructions, and then Pang Qi and the rest forced him to take a rest. But then a message came in and Feng Kaize sat up violently when he read it.
  • “Shang Qing borrowed a plane from Sikong Jin?!”
  • Feng Kaize knew which countries had a travel ban by heart even without checking. If Shang Qing had to borrow a plane, was she coming to look for him?!
  • This thought made him mad with joy, then mad with rage! Was Shang Qing seriously coming to look for him?!
  • Feng Kaize tried using the communication device to call out, but couldn’t reach anyone. Damn it! This message had come in a few days ago already, so if Shang Qing was on the way, she would have reached here by now.
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