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Chapter 89 Injured

  • Once she had decided to go ahead, Shang Qing gave Shang Baiqi a call and told him she was going on a trip.
  • Shang Baiqi now had all his shares in hand and was more confident in his work now, so he happily allowed her to go.
  • Shang Qing knew that the Wans and the Lins wouldn’t make any trouble for the Shangs for the time being and would probably just keep a close eye on her, so she wasn’t too worried. So she packed her bags and left.
  • Since there was a travel ban to Libya, Shang Qing had no choice but to ask Sikong Jin for help.
  • She went over once a month to treat Sikong Changsheng anyway, so she didn’t feel bad about ordering Sikong Jin around.
  • Sikong Jin was a little stunned when he got a call from Shang Qing. He thought Shang Qing wouldn’t look him up anymore.
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