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Chapter 86 No Strength to Defend

  • The screen immediately turned dark and the most damning part of the conversation was not played. But this bit of exchange was enough to throw Yue Mengru into an abyss.
  • But Yue Mengru was very certain that since whoever did this had a copy of this video, so he wasn’t going to stop here. Her expression became extremely nasty. Who could have done this? Who actually dared to do such a thing? Wasn’t he afraid that that the Fengs would go after him? Who in this city didn’t know how well Feng Kaize treated her!
  • Meanwhile, there was an uproar in the crowd.
  • “Isn’t it strange? I thought Yue Mengru’s famous dance was her own creation? This dance won more than ten awards at the prestigious Red Sleeves Awards and she became famous overnight for it. But according to what we just watched, this dance belongs to someone else?”
  • “And Yue Mengru tried to buy it but the other party refused to sell. So how did Yue Mengru get this dance?”
  • “She’s a liar! All that talk about her being the youngest and most talented dancer is all garbage! She’s really a thief!”
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