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Chapter 80 Two Tight Slaps

  • Lin Hanshi was so angry that he wanted to beat someone up when he saw that Shang Qing had run out, but his wife quickly stopped him.
  • “What are you afraid of? Once Shang Baiqi agrees to leave Shang Qing here, we’ll have plenty of time to torture her. Besides, since Shang Qing has made a run for it, it shows that that she’s still afraid of us, so she’s not a threat to us at all. Your third brother’s full month celebration party is more important now, let’s go get changed first!”
  • Lin Hanshi snorted and decided to let Shang Qing off for now. She was so full of herself earlier, but still ran away in fear anyway. How different was she from before?
  • How different was she from before?
  • After Shang Qing left the back hall, she immediately went to the main hall where most of the guests had already arrived. It was a buffet style party, so everyone was just milling around, waiting for the host to start the party officially.
  • Shang Baiqi hesitated when he heard what Lin Yishu told him. Leave Shang Qing here for a month? He wasn't willing to, but he couldn’t think of a good reason to refuse her.
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