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Chapter 76 If Not a Kiss, What About a Hug

  • The bloodshed earlier had ignited the violence within her heart, and now she had an urge to tear apart anybody she saw.
  • Feng Kaize looked straight into her aggressive eyes and used his gentlest voice and asked, “I just want to help you.”
  • Help her?
  • Shang Qing laughed coldly. Where was he when she needed him the most in her previous life? Celebrating the annulment of their engagement? Or getting engaged to Yue Mengru?
  • In this life, she didn’t need any help, and definitely didn’t need any pity! She had no weakness for others to exploit, so she could tread on any of her enemies with no worries. Shang Qing’s mocking laughter made Feng Kaize frown deeply.
  • This was the first time he had fallen for someone, and he wanted only the best for her, but he didn’t even know what she wanted.
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