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Chapter 59 Making Enemies

  • His tone grew cold towards the last sentence, as he was obviously reminded of some people he didn’t like very much.
  • His imposing demeanor made Shang Baiqi’s face break out in sweat and didn’t think about being closer to Feng Kaize anymore. He ended up being more like a subordinate, saying yes to everything.
  • After an hour, the stylist quietly exclaimed, “Perfect! You are my most beautiful art piece to date!”
  • Feng Kaize put down his laptop to look, and the entire house was lit up by her beauty.
  • Shang Qing was already very pretty even without makeup, but the smoky makeup masked any gentleness left on her and brought out her sharp and domineering side.
  • Her fair complexion and bright red lips were very aggressive, and looked icy even when she smiled. She was like a countess from centuries ago, with an icy and untouchable elegance.
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