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Chapter 52 Bitten Right Back

  • Shang Qing’s phone was going to explode from the sheer number of calls she received, but she couldn’t get away because Feng Kaize was not letting her go.
  • Ever since he had confirmed Shang Qing’s feelings for him, Feng Kaize couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He fed Shang Qing some medicine, and then happily said, “You’ll be fine in no time, don’t worry!”
  • Shang Qing nodded her head and spun the thumb drive in her hands while thinking how she was going to tell him that she didn’t like him anymore.
  • What was this even! If she told him as it was and Feng Kaize believed her, he would think she was playing with him. Otherwise, he would think she’s lying and was playing hard to get.
  • So the only way was probably to distance herself from him so that he would figure it out by himself that she was babbling nonsense earlier.
  • Feng Kaize’s interest in her could be very useful for what she wanted to do, but in both lifetimes, she didn’t have a habit of using others’ feelings for her own benefit.
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