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Chapter 47 Counterattack

  • “I can’t believe Shang Qing is such a shameless person!”
  • One of the girls said this while using her hand to cover her eyes, and some of them boys who were trying to get Shang Qing’s attention desperately earlier looked like they’d just swallowed a fly.
  • “She pretended to be some high and lofty celestial being, but she’s actually this sort of person! Disgusting!”
  • Shang Baiqi nearly got a stroke from this footage. There were so many people here, and Shang Qing had the guts to do this!
  • He picked up the remote control from the floor and pressed the button a few times to find that the remote control wasn’t working anymore. He was about to run in front to smash the TV when Lin Yishu grabbed onto him tightly.
  • This was such rare footage and she wanted everybody to continue watching on!
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