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Chapter 46 Exchanging the Real Thing for A Fake

  • She put on a sad face and beat her chest, “It’s so hard being a stepmother. If I’m too strict, then Qingqing would think I have bad intentions. But if I don’t care about her, I’m afraid she’ll be led astray. But she’s still my daughter after all, I don’t want her to be enchanted by some lecherous man. You must understand, Qingqing is already engaged to be married!”
  • She purposely emphasized on the words ‘engaged to be married’, so as to bring out Shang Qing’s promiscuity.
  • Lin Wenfeng wanted to reject the idea of watching the CCTV, but everyone in the living room thought it was a fantastic idea!
  • “Oh goody! I’m really interested in how psychiatrists treat patients!”
  • Another girl laughed and couldn’t hide her expression while she said, “Sure, let’s watch it first, in case we’ve misunderstood her!”, but she obviously hoped that the camera footage would be scandalous.
  • When Lin Yishu had obtained support from the guests, she got ready to play the camera footage on the TV in the living room. But Shang Baiqi thought he had heard Lin Yishu’s voice and walked out to check what was happening. When he saw it was indeed her, he couldn’t help but yell, “What are you doing back here!”
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