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Chapter 39 Naughty but Adorable Woman

  • He quickly turned to stare at Shang Qing, his expression becoming more and more nervous, sweat drops appearing on his forehead as the voices in the recording played clearly. Shang Qing smiled calmly.
  • “Doctor Li, do you know what sort of influence the Shangs have? If this recording gets to my father, no matter how gentle a man he is, he will make sure your reputation goes down the drain.”
  • The words ‘reputation go down the drain’ sent Li Jingmin into a panic and he dropped the phone to the floor. He quickly bent over to pick it up in fright, but Shang Qing stepped on his hand, and the broken glass pieces stabbed into his hand.
  • He screamed in pain but nobody came to his rescue. He tried to take his hand away but Shang Qing was too strong, and he was too scared to try to fight back. “Miss Shang, I’ve underestimated you! Yes, yes it was Lin Yishu who seduced me first! You know, people like me have to listen to what she says, right? Miss Shang, I…I beg you! Let me off this time! I won’t do this again!”
  • More sweat drops appeared on his forehead, but it wasn’t out of fear but out of pain! His left hand was full of glass shards and it hurt him tremendously.
  • Shang Qing peered down at Li Jingmin who was bent over and hands on the floor, and laughed a little. “Doctor Li, you’re mistaken. I have no intention of exposing your dirty deeds.”
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