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Chapter 26 Billion Dollar Deal

  • “Then you have to be careful.”
  • Shang Qing looked down and hid her face in the dark, “It’s very dangerous to be interested in a woman. I can tell you now that if you fall for me, it won’t be a pleasant experience.”
  • Feng Kaize couldn’t help but laugh, “You seem very confident of yourself? Don’t worry, I didn’t fall for you for more than ten years, it will be impossible in the future.”
  • Shang Qing unexpectedly nodded in agreement and said hoarsely, “You’re right…never mind ten odd years…even if I give you another ten odd years, you won’t fall for me. I was just kidding earlier, don’t worry. I know myself.”
  • For some reason, Feng Kaize could tell the bitterness in Shang Qing’s face. He suddenly felt a bitterness in his heart too, the feeling so quick and so urgent, it made him upset about what he just said earlier.
  • Shang Qing opened her eyes again.
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