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Chapter 212 Fallout

  • Wan Hong thought that Wan Kai was withdrawing his investment because of Lin Yishu, so he took out the speech he had already prepared in case this happened.
  • “Lin Yishu’s divorce has nothing to do with me! Since I’ve already agreed with you to let Wan Ke be my heir, then I won’t go back on my word.”
  • Wan Kai was also a fat man like Wan Hong. Wan Kai patted his stomach and asked with a cold smile, “My dear brother, do I look stupid to you?”
  • Wan Hong was stunned.
  • “I suppose you want to take my money, then kill my son, right? I thought that since we’re relatives after all, you wouldn’t do that and I trusted you. But now I won’t believe you anymore! I want to withdraw my investment right now! Immediately!”
  • Wan Hong panicked in his heart but he forced himself to stay calm and stiffly laughed, “Wan Kai, we’ve already agreed on this. Without your investment, I’ll have to sell my assets otherwise I have to declare bankruptcy! You’re pushing me into a corner like this!”
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