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Chapter 197 Bloodstained Money

  • Feng Kaize thought of Shang Qing when he heard this and his lips curled upwards.
  • Better days would definitely be ahead of him, as long as he didn’t die.
  • Doctor Yan walked over and said, “My dear young fellows here, my Young Master is still very weak, so every time you lightly touch him, he would feel a terrible stabbing pain.”
  • Shao Yunren quickly moved a little further from Feng Kaize and looked at his own hand guiltily. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I won’t touch him then. Young Master Feng has become a ceramic doll now!”
  • Feng Kaize glared at him. “Even though I’m in this state, I can still beat you to a pulp. Wanna try me?”
  • “Don’t do that! You’ll always be the boss no matter what!” Shao Yunren replied while laughing.
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